The insured’s post-claim expert,
for the private individual

Are you a private individual with a claim (for fire, water damage, etc.)?

Call Expertises GALTIER Valorem, the insured’s expert, to obtain the optimal repair for your home and its contents.

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Why choose Expertises GALTIER Valorem?

A fire can have an impact that is not visible at first sight. Let us take the example of a layer of soot that spreads everywhere. Simply cleaning your home appliances may simply not be enough. Sometimes it is even necessary to downgrade the television set and household appliances…

What will you do if you are faced with the position of the company’s expert on your own?

Closing the claim adjustment too quickly without having another opinion is not the best option. Call Expertises GALTIER Valorem!

Expertises GALTIER Valorem, the insured's expert, will help you manage this claim:

  • Assistance for the insured and complete coverage with a high level of availability for a quick and serene resolution of the claim adjustment, from the occurrence of the claim, through the technical management, and up to the final settlement.
  • Advice on emergency measures to be taken and possible handling of administrative formalities with regard to insurers
  • Detailed, comprehensive surveys (inventories) and damage assessments
  • Amicable negotiation of compensation under the insurance contract
  • Implementation of emergency measures as and where required to reduce the extent of damage
  • Drawing up of an amicable expert’s report
The insured person receives the compensation and decides how to use it when he undertakes the repairs.