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The GALTIER group has nearly 130 years of experience in the fields of asset valuation (preliminary valuation, valuation of assets for banking, financial and accounting operations, etc.). As the leading independent appraisal group, it provides post-claim expertise on behalf of the insured for individuals and professionals, whatever their size and sector of activity. With its multidisciplinary teams, it has all the resources and know-how to meet the assessment needs of its clients and to support them at every key stage of their lives, in the Benelux and abroad.

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The GALTIER Valorem index for 2020

A bit of history

At the end of the 19th century, the boom in industry caused violent fires.

Insurance companies compensated the victims on the basis of estimates made by their own experts. In order to rebalance the insured-insurance relationship, industrialists then called on independent experts to help them calculate their losses.

Such services have expanded and have become more specialized over the years: valuations of insurable capital by companies, values of tangible assets (land, buildings and equipment), inventory reconciliation (FAR = Fixed Asset Register).

GALTIER Expertises S.A. was created in Brussels in 1984, as a consequence of the development of business in Belgium and the success of the qualitative services of the firm’s experts.

Over the years, GALTIER Expertises S.A. has gradually emerged as a leader on the national market Keen to bolster its presence in the industrial environment, the merger with Valorem firm was concluded in 2015.

Since then, the entity has borne the trade name Expertises GALTIER Valorem. The merger has enabled GALTIER Expertises S.A. to continue to grow and enable each of its employees to benefit from unlimited development within its fire teams.

Our winning assets

  • Independence

    Expertise GALTIER Valorem is independent of financial markets and institutional players. Of family origin, the capital is held by the Group’s  employees and the Galtier family. Independence is a fundamental value of our firm.

    It enables us to remain free of any external influence and to manage the asset valuation entrusted to us by our clients, without compromise or conflict of interest.

  • Proximity

    Our presence throughout the country enables us to be close to our customers. We believe that a local presence is actually a major asset when it comes to providing a quality service to our customers as well as the necessary availability to discuss their needs.

  • Responsibility

    As the leader in the field of valuation expertise, we have a duty to set an example. We defend the interests of our clients as if they were our own, in accordance with the ethical rules of our profession.

    Each employee is a committed and responsible person in the missions entrusted to him or her.


  • Satisfaction

    The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our concerns. This determination constitutes a permanent commitment that is part of a process of listening to our customers, enabling us to improve our services.


  • Confidentiality

    Our sales staff, technicians, engineers and experts are contractually bound by an obligation of confidentiality. In accordance with the code of ethics for our profession, GALTIER Valorem staff working on our missions are bound to the maximum confidentiality with regard to the information received and the documents entrusted. Likewise, no information concerning our missions is disclosed to anyone, except with the client’s prior written consent.

Would you like to join a dynamic team?

GALTIER Expertises S.A. is expanding constantly so it is regularly looking for new employees.
Please send your application with a personalized e-mail and a CV with photo. It will be treated in complete confidentiality.