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As the insured’s (counter) expert, GALTIER VALOREM Expertises provides exclusive, professional assistance in the event of a claim (fire, water damage, vehicle collision, explosion, storm, business interruption, etc.) and it also estimates the value of the tangible fixed assets of companies and public institutions (insurable values and economic values).

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In the event of a claim,

Expertises GALTIER Valorem assists its clients (private individuals and companies) with regard to their insurance company and/or third parties so as to guarantee optimal compensation for them.

At key moments such as reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, credit applications, sale and leaseback or insurance procedures (underwriting of contracts, material damage and business interruptions), GALTIER VALOREM Expertises aims to give its clients an accurate view of the extent, nature and value of their assets.


Offers its clients quality estimates, with comprehensive reports that are based on international standards and drawn up by an enthusiastic, experienced, multidisciplinary and well-trained team.

This entity provides a clear, stable and motivating environment for its employees and shows that it is a reliable partner for all parties.

Furthermore, it boasts the label of “RICS Regulated Firm.”


  • Independence

  • Customer orientation

  • Accuracy

  • Integrity

  • Motivation


By merging the two entities, GALTIER VALOREM Expertises wants to use the name recognition, knowledge, know-how and client portfolio of both to pursue its development together.

Several means and resources will be deployed to that end:

  1. The professional experience and knowledge available will be capitalized on further to bolster its position on the market;
  2. An integrated international network, a national organization and a local presence;
  3. A long-term, customized service for the exclusive benefit and satisfaction of the customer;
  4. A transparent communication, internally and externally;


  5. Thanks to its professional partners, the reputation of GALTIER VALOREM Expertises will be consolidated so as to boost its name recognition.

Why choose Expertises GALTIER Valorem?

Choose Expertises GALTIER Valorem for its experience and know-how in business and property valuation;

Choose Expertises GALTIER Valorem for its complete legal and financial independence, as well as its signature which attests to every expert appraisal.

Choose Expertises GALTIER Valorem for its commitment to client advice and support, a guarantee of total confidentiality, trained and specialized experts, employees who know how to do their job well, are independent and are systematically in the field

Choose Expertises GALTIER Valorem for the quality of service

  • A team of experts is assigned to each mission to bring to bear all the skills needed to meet specific needs,
    Coverage of all real estate, land and industrial valuation missions in Belgium and abroad,
  • A rigorous and global approach to risks and values that is always accompanied by qualified recommendations,
  • An objective and independent commitment to the client,
  • A policy of ongoing training for experts


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