Our areas of activity

4 pools of expertise: risks and damage, real estate and equipment, fixed assets, overall value

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Insurable values of your industrial assets

Insurable capital (buildings, equipment, operating losses)
Expertises GALTIER Valorem meets all your evaluation needs thanks to a multi-specialist and experienced team.

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Expertise of tangible assets

The GALTIER Valorem expertise office is RICS certified.
Its experts provide high quality services to meet your needs in the context of mergers and acquisitions, credits, reorganization of assets, sale and lease back, partial contribution of assets …

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Audit & Inventory of Fixed Assets

Physical inventory of assets, reconciliation and updating of fixed asset accounting files, optimization of taxable bases, fixed asset management software package.

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Ask for objective and recognized advice so that you can make the right strategic decisions.

Your company lives, grows, acquires other companies, invests, has to overcome difficulties…

You need objective advice, reliable assessments, and unquestionable expertise in the face of such important and delicate situations.